#WowWednesday 7th June

Due to the GCSE exams in the school hall, we are sadly unable to hold Prep School Award Assemblies, although we are excited that they will re-start from the end of June!

Thank you to parents who have still been sharing their pupils’ achievements with us, we love hearing what the children have been up to outside of school. Please keep sending photos and news into sarah.archer@hydesville.com

This week’s #WowWednesday post includes achievements for the following pupils:

Siblings Zak (Y8) and Zahra (Y1) took part in the Birmingham Cancer Research UK run .Harneave in Y2 received her Green Blue Peter badge for showing how much she cares about nature, the environment and sustainability by submitting a poster she created about looking after trees. Harneave also received a gymnastics badge and a Talent for Writing certificate.

Waris in Y1 received a certificate from the ISA Young Storytellers Competitions.

Brothers, Jared (Y3) and Jorah (Y1), completed a Football Camp with West Bromwich Albion over the half-term break, they both received a trophy for winning in their respective age groups. Jared’s also earned a Bronze Gymnastics Proficiency certificate and badge.

It sounds like it’s been a busy couple of weeks for the #Hydesvillefamily, well done to you all!

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