Strike a pose – there’s nothing to it!

This week our Prep School pupils took to the Hydesville catwalk once again to perform in our annual Fashion Show.

From Picasso to Van Gogh and renaissance to graffiti art, our artists/art movement theme showcased what each class has been studying in art this term. Under the watchful eye of Mrs Reece our pupils have designed their garments, painted fabric, made frames, created graffiti tags and followed their concept through from start to finish, all while learning about a specific artist or art movement.

It was amazing to see it all come together with the help of Miss Bowdige and Mrs Townsend choreographing each class to make it more than a fashion show – a piece of art in its own right!

With thanks to all our class teachers, Mrs Chand, Mr Ison and his team for their support in making this event so special and to parents and members of the #Hydesvillefamily for being the perfect audience.

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