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Miss Jenkins

Deputy Head [Head of Senior]

I am always proud to show visitors our Hydesville Senior School community, in which our pupils are engaged and motivated within our vibrant and family-feel school setting.  Our small class sizes coupled with personalised teaching enable each and every pupil to achieve his or her full potential.  We pride ourselves on our diverse school community, in which every pupil has the opportunity to flourish.  Our GCSE results are competitive against both non-selective schools and the grammar schools in the borough.  Our collaboration with the Prep School and the other schools within the UK and global Cognita group continue to add to the success of our Senior School.

What does the Senior School offer?

An extensive trips and visits programme

An opportunity to take part in real world projects, giving pupils experience of working with national companies, such as the BBC School News report

Early intervention to ensure every child makes exceptional progress

Outstanding pastoral care – a caring and supportive environment where every child can flourish

A comprehensive programme of enrichment activities and a fantastic selection of clubs and activities

Small class sizes

Provision that is tailored to suit each child, irrespective of academic ability

Vertical Tutoring – the role of the form tutorial in our Senior School is of fundamental importance in nurturing and supporting our pupils

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