You can't walk far around Hydesville without hearing the sound of music. It could be a classroom activity led by our Head of Music. It could be a practice session for one of our extra-curricular clubs or choirs. Or it could be a one-to-one lesson with a specialist music tutor.

The Music department at Hydesville prepares pupils for lifelong intelligent interactions within a variety of settings. We help develop our pupils’ skills in listening and interpreting, composing and performing music as we recognise these are skills learned at a young age and developed throughout a lifetime.

Our pupils are encouraged and given opportunities to develop interests and abilities that will guide musical pursuits and preferences in their lives. We firmly believe music educates and inspires an individual: it increases cognitive development and reasoning and offers opportunities for young people to express ideas and emotions in lots of creative ways.

In addition to a varied and busy music curriculum we encourage pupils to take part in a wide variety of extra-curricular music classes.  Our ethos is that of inclusion where every child, from Reception age to Year 11, is encouraged and inspired to actively engage in musical activities.

Our extra-curricular programme is varied and includes:


  • Lower Prep choir
  • Prep keyboard club
  • Samba band
  • Upper Prep Choir
  • Prep rock band
  • Music theory club
  • Senior keyboard club
  • Senior rock band
  • Girls’ choir
  • Boys’ vocal group
  • Staff and parent choir


Individual music lessons

We have a variety of qualified, expert music tutors who deliver individual music lessons for pupils from Nursery to Year 11, offering one-to-one music tuition on almost all instruments as well as excellent vocal coaching.  Nearly one third of our pupils are already having instrumental lessons here at Hydesville.  We currently have pupils learning to play the violin, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet cornet horn, guitar (acoustic, electric and bass), drum kit, piano, keyboard and singing.

For further information, please contact Head of Music, Miss Humpage, via email at or alternatively contact the school office to make an appointment.