Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is very much interwoven into the fabric of school life and the happy atmosphere here is testament to our approach.

There is nothing more important to us than the happiness and wellbeing of the children in our care; this takes priority above all else. As such pastoral care at our school is all-encompassing and cannot be tied neatly into a box. Every member of staff is actively responsible for ensuring that all pupils feel safe, can express themselves and seek support and guidance when needed.

Mr & Mrs Liu

Son in Year 4

We knew this was the right school for our son from the moment we visited. It is the best decision we have made for his education.

In the Prep School, Mrs Gill Whitehouse, Deputy Head and Head of Prep School, has oversight of pastoral care and works alongside our perceptive class teachers on all pastoral matters. Together, they provide appropriate support in a friendly and approachable manner ensuring our pupils get the very best care. Due to the small nature of our school, a defining feature of which we are proud and protective, class teachers get to know their pupils very well so soon notice any changes in behaviour. We have a zero tolerance approach to bullying and will not tolerate unkind or unfriendly attitudes in class or on the playground. Furthermore, we foster a culture of openness and procedures for children to express their concerns are well established here.

Mrs Clarson

Son in Year 6

When my son joined Hydesville he was a timid little boy but he has grown into a confident, well-rounded young man.

Your child will quickly learn that at Hydesville Tower School we respect each other, we learn what makes us different and we enjoy the sense of uniqueness this brings, we value each other and we care for each other. The happy and nurturing environment this creates means children feel comfortable being exactly who they are and fully able to thrive in all areas of school life.

Mr Patel and Mrs McKenna

Daughter in Year 6

We chose Hydesville mainly because of the small class sizes but there are many other benefits and opportunities. The Prep School has gone from strength to strength.