Nursery Curriculum

Our approach to teaching and learning in Nursery gives children a headstart pre-school. We deliver an age-appropriate curriculum covering literacy, numeracy skills, music, drama and sport, and always with fun.

Early Years Education

Nursery and Reception provide the foundation of a child’s learning. These ‘Early Years’ are a time for children to develop the skills needed to access the school curriculum from Year 1 upwards.

Our proven approach in Nursery is to deliver a careful balance of structured learning and child-initiated free play, where young ones can learn with enjoyment and challenge. We provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for children to learn through an array of challenging opportunities and age-appropriate fun activities. This works exceptionally well and enables our children to make significantly better than average progress.

A topic approach provides a child-friendly theme for the term’s activities which cover the seven areas of Early Years learning, as follows:

The 3 prime areasExamples of learning
Personal, Social & Emotional Development- sharing
- cooperating
- considering others
- choosing resources independently
Communication & Language- communicating needs and wants to staff and other children
- solving disagreements
- listening to and following instructions
Physical Development- independent dressing and undressing for PE
- spatial awareness
- safety indoors and outdoors
- development of fine motor skills for writing

The 4 specific areas of learning are:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts & Design


Through these four topics we engage the children and start their love of learning. They are the precursors to the subjects studied in Key Stage 1 and beyond and cover subjects such as the use of technology in school and at home, the world around us and how we can affect it, animals and how to look after them, and personal history. We primarily teach these subjects through led sessions but always allow the children opportunities to focus where interests lie and share their experiences and enthusiasm with the class.


Minimum Requirements

To ensure your child is able to take full advantage of our approach to teaching and learning in Nursery we recommend they attend for a minimum of three days (six sessions) per week during the 38 core weeks (term time). It is our expectation that all children will attend Nursery full-time after their first term. There is no minimum requirement during the 12 holiday weeks.