Fees: Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about fees at Hydesville Tower School.

A. There is a £50 charge to cover the administration of registration and assessment. This is non-refundable. A deposit of £500 is payable once you accept the offer of a place for your child. This is refunded when your child leaves school and all fees have been paid in full.

A. We take payment by direct debit at the start of every term.  late payment of fees will be subject to a surcharge of 1.5% per month from the first day of the term in question.

A. Yes, fees unpaid by half term or more than two weeks after the reminder is issued to you, whichever date is earlier, may result in your child’s place being withdrawn. Fees which continue to be outstanding will result in action being taken to recover the debt and associated costs.

A. There is normally an annual review of school fees which comes into effect at the beginning of the academic year (September). We will endeavour to give parents a term’s notice of any change to fees.

A. Yes, a full term’s notice is required in writing or you will be liable for the full amount. This is also necessary if you wish to cancel any of the ‘optional extras’, for example specialist tuition.

A. Please click here for further information on this.

A. If deemed applicable a £400.00 administration fee for late notice will be applied.

A. We are proud to offer a limited number of scholarships to pupils joining Year 7 to celebrate outstanding ability in key areas. As well as recognition and opportunity, a scholarship brings with it a discount against school fees. Please refer to this page for more information on our Year 7 Scholarships.

A. Yes, when brothers and sisters attend the school at the same time we provide a:

  • 5% reduction against the fees for the second child
  • 10% reduction against the fees for the third child
  • 15% reduction against the fees for the fourth child
  • 15% reduction against the fees for the fifth child – this is the maximum sibling discount.