History & Ethos

Read on to learn what makes us tick and to discover the heritage of our school, which opened its doors here in Walsall more than six decades ago.

Our ethos…

Our school is a place where achievement is celebrated, aspiration is expected and potential is fulfilled.

It is a bustling, happy, vibrant, positive and safe environment where pupils are encouraged to grow, learn, laugh, form friendships, develop their interests and become confident, tolerant, kind and bright individuals. We succeed only when pupils succeed in pursuing and achieving their dreams, whatever they may be.

Our mission…

To provide a first-rate independent education for boys and girls aged three to 16.

Specifically, to ensure every pupil makes significant progress over time and over-achieves in the context of their personal potential.

Our vision…

Ours is the first choice Nursery, Prep and Senior School in Walsall and we have a deserved reputation for making aspiration real.

Teaching and learning is consistently outstanding; GCSE and 11 Plus results are second to none within the borough and our Nursery prepares children for school better than any other locally. The GCSE curriculum provides a solid foundation for progression into further education and is attuned to regional economic opportunity and drivers.

The welfare and wellbeing of all pupils is safeguarded and promoted, delivering an excellent level of pastoral care.

Extra-curricular activities provide regular opportunity for enrichment, development and enjoyment, support pupils’ journey of self-discovery and encourage independence.

Parents enjoy superb service from all staff members in their every dealing with school to ensure their personal experience is always pleasant and productive.

Our values…

Striving to develop our students into well-rounded individuals through a nurturing environment.

  • Self-esteem, self-confidence and happiness are central to success.
  • High expectations lead to personal achievement and success.
  • We value and celebrate diversity and have respect for everyone.
  • We believe in safety and support for every individual.
  • We believe in the power of the school-home partnership.
  • We are committed to working cooperatively for the good of the whole community.

A Plotted History

A brief overview of some of the key milestones in the school’s history.


Hydesville Tower School opens its doors with 22 pupils on the roll. Founder Miss Dorothy Bryan, then aged 39, has fulfilled a long-held ambition to establish and lead an independent school.


A school hall and additional classroom are built to accommodate growing pupil numbers.


The school roll reaches 239.


Mr Callender, the first Headmaster is appointed.


No 23, Broadway North is bought by the school to create yet more classrooms.


Mr and Mrs Farrell become the new owners and principals of the school.


School founder, Mrs Flood (nee Bryan), passes away less than a year after retiring from her then post as director.


No 29, Broadway North is acquired for additional teaching space.


A modern extension housing additional classrooms is opened.


The school is bought by Cognita, a worldwide group of schools founded by Sir Chris Woodhead, former head of Ofsted.


Current Headmaster, Mr McGinnes is appointed.


Cognita continues to invest significant sums across the site to improve the fabric and flow of the school.


The Nursery setting is refurbished and the opening extended to 50 weeks a year.


Year 11 outperform their baseline GCSE predictions made in Year 7 by the greatest margin on record.