A bale of prickly hay for Year 1 & 2

A huge well done to pupils in Year 1 and 2 who took to the stage for their fabulous Christmas production of Prickly Hay last week.

The story begins with Sam (Dylan), a hardworking young stable boy, trying to keep the stable clean and the hay fresh for all the animals in his stable – a very smelly job! No one seems to notice his hard work and it’s making Sam feel very insignificant. His ever-faithful friend, Shrew, (Karamveer) tries to keep his spirits up, but Sam is finding it hard to feel important at all.

However, as crowds gather in Bethlehem for the census and the inns fill up, some very special visitors are shown to Sam’s stable. Gradually, as the miraculous events of the night unfold, Sam starts to realise his worth – with a little help from his friend Shrew!

The performance gave all our children a chance to be part of the widely told magical story and it kick-started a period of excitement in the end of term calendar.

There is so much joy with these occasions, and watching the children on stage gives a perfect reminder of how opportunities such as these develop their character as well as give them plenty of fun!

Thank you to parents and members of the wider Hydesville Family for supporting the event, we hope you enjoyed the show.

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