Year 6’s Apprentice Challenge

Pupils in Year 6 rose to the Hydesville Challenge of becoming young entrepreneurs and came up with a number of business ideas that even Lord Alan Sugar would be proud of.

The children were each given £1 and asked to set up a mini enterprises over the Easter school holidays in a challenge designed to give the youngsters an insight into business.  The project is designed to teach them a number of skills, including innovation, creativity and teamwork. The pupils are asked to report back their business ideas to the class and a panel of teachers, who were delighted that many returned with lots of profit and presentations that showed their business savvy ideas. Congratulations to Amaan Jhetam who was crowned ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ with his business idea which involved him selling samosas to his family and friends.  He raised £51.50. Runners up were Bhoomi Gaur and Dilip Bath. Bhoomi came up with the idea of setting up computer tutoring classes and Dilip sold cakes at the RSPB centre in Sandwell.

Amaan said: “It was a really fun project, and made us all think about the best way of making money.  We learnt a lot, mainly that setting up a business is really hard work!  We were really pleased to raise such a high amount of money.”

Francesca Still, Year 6 teacher, added: “Well done to all pupils; they all worked really hard to make this project a success and we were delighted that two children raised over £100 with the overall money raised totalling £863.03.”

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