Year 6’s Apprentice Challenge

Pupils in Year 6 rose to the Hydesville Challenge of becoming young entrepreneurs and came up with a number of business ideas that even Lord Alan Sugar would be proud of.

The children were each given £1 and asked to set up a mini enterprise over the Easter school holidays. They presented their ideas to a panel of Hydesville judges on Thursday and we are delighted to award ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ to Harman whose Stop Motion Movie project raised £51 and caught the eye of the judges due to its originality and creativity.  The teachers were so impressed with Harman’s project they have employed him to design a Stop Motion Movie of the Hydesville Challenge.

Well done also to runners up Ethan, Cameron and Jade.  Ethan designed and sold bookmarks, Cameron held a raffle to raise money to make jewellery, which he then sold, and Jade embarked on a programme of money making ideas across the holidays and raised a staggering £241.75!

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