Year 2 visit West Midlands Safari Park

Year 2 had a wonderful day visiting West Midlands Safari Park.
Miss Michaelides explains: “To begin with, we explored the park by driving through different habitats. We saw a range of Safari animals that we were familiar with, such as elephants, rhinos, giraffes and buffalo. We also saw some new animals, such as African hunting dogs.
“Later we walked around the park and visited the African Village where we met African goats and sheep and looked at a Maasai mud hut. We took part in an animal encounter experience and learnt about ‘Who eats who?’ We learnt about the different food chains and discovered what animals eat. We worked in groups to create different food chains using pictures then explored skulls, feathers and plants during a hands on exercise. Finally we met Flower the skunk and an African land snail.
“It was a very busy day and the children all had a great time!”
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