#WowWednesday – 16th March 2022

We are celebrating lots of pupils’ achievements in activities outside of school in today’s #WowWednesday post.
Drum roll please….
Well done to Roman in Y3 for being awarded Man of the Match in a recent football tournament, to Jessica (also in Y3) for achieving her orange and white stripe belt in kick boxing, to Kavi in Reception for his Octopus 1 swimming certificate and to Hanzala in Y6 for his medal from the Royal Air Force for building a super speedy lego car at an RAF Robotics Festival.
We are also celebrating more Young Writers awards this week. Congratulations to Avi in Y2 for having his poetry published (as well as achieving lots of golf medals) and to Year 1 pupils, Harvee and Lilianne for their Talent for Writing merit award.
Well done everyone 😃
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