#WowWednesday 15th December 2021

This the final #WowWednesday of the term, and what a banger it is!
We’re starting in the pool, and want to say a big well done to our super swimmers, Simran (Y4) for 5m, Amar (Y3) for 25m and Jayden (Y2) for a plethora of awards including his 5, 10 and 15 metre badges and Duckling awards!
The recent Usbourne Sponsored Reading event saw us award a number of certificates for some impressive reading durations:
Jorah (Reception) – 60 mins
Harneave (Y1) – 70 mins
Waris (Reception) – 80 mins
Jessica (Y3) – 350 mins
Rutendo (Reception) – 365 mins
Rianah (Y4) – 450 mins
Zayn (Y2) – 488 mins
Roshan (Y1) – 800 mins
Shaan (Y5) – 1215 mins
And an extra congratulations go to siblings Shaan and Roshan for clocking up the highest number of reading hours and earning themselves a book voucher!
Sophia in Year 1 was awarded a certificate for her road safety rap, whilst our Accelerated Reader stars in Prep were applauded for great reading: Muhammed in Year 1, Gursim in Year 6, Sam and Brogan in Year 4.
There’s more success for Shaan in Year 5 who has been selected as the Wildlife Trust’s very first Young Ambassador and will be the face of their recruitment of other youth ambassadors.
Lilianne in Year 1 received a BROSCAR from Breakout Performing Arts for acting, singing and performing.
And last but not least, we were excited to announce our Christmas Card design competition winners. Well done to: Briana (Y2) for the KS1 Award, Simran (Y4) and Dexter (Y6) for the KS2 Awards. We are sure the #Hydesvillefamily will enjoy receiving one of these special cards.
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