World Sleep Day 2023

The well-being of all our pupils is important to us at Hydesville, so last Friday we dressed in pyjamas and casual clothes and spent the day taking part in lots of activities to help look after our mental health and wellbeing.

The focus of the day was ‘Sleep’, which is a critical part of the Cognita Be Well Charter, as the quantity and quality of sleep children are receiving impacts their physical, mental and emotional health.

Senior School pupils had a delayed start to the day, allowing them an extra hour of sleep and to benefit from better focus and mood during the day, making the right food choices, improved memory and many more.

Lots of activities took place throughout the day, from walks in the Arboretum to sessions discussing the importance of sleep and sharing relaxation techniques.

Nursery children enjoyed a variety of well-being activities, ranging from a circuit training carousel of activities outdoors to challenge the children with thinking, understanding, and resounding to instructions whilst realising the importance of exercise and the effect it has on their bodies.

Nursery children also enjoyed making crunchy pasta salad, where they could choose from a selection of healthy, colourful food ingredients. They also made a friendship bracelet to give to their friend and enjoyed mindful pattern painting.

A massive thank you to Joshua’s dad, Benji, who came in to organise the physical and fitness aspects of the event for Nursery.

It was a very exciting – but relaxing – day for all 😊

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