Smiles all round for Hydesville Tower School pupils

Children in Lower Prep had two surprise visitors this week – life size models of a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush!

The models were from WS4 Dental Care based on Lichfield Street in Walsall who visited pupils in Reception and Years 1 and 2 to educate them about dental hygiene.

Alongside Principal Dentist Yusuf Kaderbhai was Practice Manager Jo Locke and Head Nurse Amy Janes who got into costume and ran the interactive workshop with the youngsters. Yusuf Kaderbhai said:  “it is so important to stress to children from a young age about the importance of regular brushing and looking after their teeth. Our toothbrush and toothpaste models help explain to children about dental hygiene in a fun but educational way.”

Reception class teacher Natasha Jenkins said that the children enjoyed the visit. “At Hydesville Tower School we are committed to teaching our children about health and hygiene and for younger children it’s important to do this in a visual and engaging way as it helps the learn better.”


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