Safer Internet Day 2020

Safer Internet Day (Tuesday, 11th February ) was recognised across Hydesville with a range of activities.  Senior pupils had a special assembly where they looked at online identity and explored the #freetobe hashtag. Pupils voted on numerous topics and we discussed being yourself online and how we as a community are able to make the internet a better place.

Prep pupils also looked at internet safety in their lessons.  Each class tackled the subject differently, but all with the same message of encouraging pupils to use the internet responsibly and respectfully.

With half term looming, your child may be accessing the internet and social media more so than usual.  Following on from the work in school about internet safety, this may be the perfect time to talk to your child about what they do on the internet and how to ensure that they are using the internet safely. If you need further advice and support with this, please consider the advice by the NSPCC:   Alternatively, see

01922 624374