• This offer applies for new pupils entering the Nursery, Prep or Senior School during the academic year 2017/18
  • There is no limit to the numbers of new parents that an existing parent can introduce. However, for the avoidance of
    doubt, the Introductory Fee is limited to £250 for each new set of parents who are introduced
  •  Payment of the Introductory Fee is paid to existing parents once the new pupil who is admitted to the School during the
    academic year 2017/18 has completed one full term at the School. The Introductory Fee will then be credited
    against the following term’s fees payable by the existing parents who made the recommendation
  • The recommender must be specifically named by the new set of parents on the initial Registration Form which they
    complete as being the individual who recommended the School to them. Payment will not be made in the absence of such
    specific information
  • This offer is subject to the availability of Hydesville Tower School places and to the completion of a successful application process
  • Some year groups are at full capacity so the application may not be successful
  • New parents are defined as those who have not previously enquired at Hydesville Tower School or attended an Open Day or
    made a previous visit to Hydesville Tower School
  • The £250 uniform voucher for new parents has no cash value and can only be used as a credit against purchases made
    for Hydesville Tower School uniform/clothing from Crested School Wear
    • This offer is valid for new enquiries received on or after Monday 5th June 2017
    • Hydesville Tower School reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time

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