Putting Spanish speaking skills to the test

In their Spanish lesson this week, Year 11 pupils put their speaking skills to the test by participating in an online debate with pupils from Colegio Europeo de Madrid, a Cognita School in Spain.

Pupils shared their views on the topics free time and technology. They quickly gained confidence speaking with the native Spanish pupils, responding to and asking them questions.

Year 11 pupil Balvin said: “It was fun to interact with other pupils in a foreign language and it really helped us to excel in our speaking, gain confidence and prepare us for our GCSE speaking exam. We are looking forward to the next online debate in the spring term.”

Speaking is one of the four skills which pupils are examined on at GCSE and this was an excellent opportunity for pupils to practise their general conversation skills, practising their tenses, developed reasons and improving their responses to unexpected questions.

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