Cognita Connect is our parent portal app and web portal, dedicated to transforming the communication between us in school, and you as parents.

The app gives you 24-hour access to personalised news and information via your mobile, tablet or desktop device. Through a targeted newsfeed, tailored notifications and smart calendar, Cognita Connect offers a digital experience and keeps you up to date with latest news and events.

Via the ‘Payments’ Globe, you are able to book and pay for non-fee items such as school trips, transport services and after-school clubs.


Key Features, at a glance:

  • Access through the app or online.
  • Personalised newsfeed with information relevant to you.
  • Smart calendar to keep track of important dates and events.
  • Make payments* for trips, clubs, transport and Before & After School Club.
  • Our sole vehicle for sending you all school letters and communications.


*Please note payment of school fees will continue to be paid by using the existing method.

How do I access Cognita Connect?


Current Hydesville parents should already have their own individual logins to the app.  Please email the School Office via should you need us to resend your log in details.

For new Hydesville parents – a day or two after your child joins us you will be sent details on how to download and enrol on Cognita Connect.  Once registered and enrolled, you will have everything you need under one roof.


How do I access help and support?

For more information and video tutorials on how to use the app, please take a look at our Youtube channel. Here you’ll find an introductory Cognita Connect video, a video on five key features and a video on Cognita Connect payments, all that will hugely enhance your connection to the school.

You can access a dedicated FAQs page for parents HERE.

We also have a dedicated FAQs page for the Payments area HERE.

The above FAQs are also accessible via the Hub in Cognita Connect (you can access the Hub by clicking on the ‘Hub’ globe on your Cognita Connect Webpage/App homepage).

Cognita Connect Version 2 – January 2023

In January 2023 we launched an update of the Cognita Connect app. You can access a dedicated FAQs page regarding the update HERE.


How do I pay for something?

There are two categories of products available to buy:

Offers:                 These are one off discrete items – for example, the Summer 21 Hockey Club, or a trip to Cadbury World.  There is one price and the offer refers to a specific date or range of dates for a course.

Bookings:           These are repeat availability, and you select the date(s) you want from the booking.  Examples include, Before & After School Club or the Nursery & Reception Holiday Fun Club.  The charges for these bookings are calculated by the number of slots you choose from the booking.


Do I have to buy offers or bookings?

Where an offer is in fact for services provided, for example, exam fees, transport, or music lessons, these are not optional – we will refer to these as unpaid sales and reminders to clear your account will be sent. When an offer or booking is optional you need take no action and can ignore the offer or booking available in your account.


Can I use Childcare Vouchers (C.C.V.)?

Yes, where an offer or booking is classified as eligible for payment by C.C.V. this will be identified within the system. At checkout you will have an option to use the C.C.V. value from your account – if you have topped that up. To top up, transfer the C.C.V. to our bank account by using your account reference and inform by email.  This value will then be loaded onto your account.



Please email or call the School Office on 01922 624374 and we will be happy to help you.

01922 624374