Back To School

For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.

These are our rules for using the internet safely and responsibly at home while the school is closed:

My learning

  • I will set up a workspace free of things that might distract me, such as other digital technology. I will choose this space (with my parents) so that I can work efficiently.
  • I will check Microsoft Teams regularly for assignments and teacher feedback.
  • I will use the internet to help me learn and connect with my teachers and classmates. I will use it safely and responsibly.
  • I will only use technology at home during teaching and learning times that is appropriate to the task being undertaken.
  • If I need help with my lessons, I will contact my teacher through the learning platform and not use my personal email address.
  • I will not share any of the resources from school outside of our school community due to copyright restrictions.

My relationship with others

  • During the normal school day, I will be on time for live lessons and dressed in school uniform.
  • I will talk to my teacher and classmates respectfully via the microphone (when requested) and in the chat.
  • I will mute my microphone to avoid unnecessary noise.
  • No one in the household will record or take photos of my classmates or teachers.
  • I will end the session as soon as our teacher indicates and will not return to the call.
  • I will send messages that are polite. I will not email, chat or video conference without my teacher’s or parents’ permission.
  • Chat messages must be schoolwork related only.

My (digital) wellbeing

  • I will never give out passwords or personal information (like my last name, address or phone number).
  • If I see anything on the internet or in an email or other electronic message that makes me uncomfortable or appears unpleasant, I will talk to an adult immediately.
  • If I receive a message sent by someone I do not know, I will inform an adult immediately.
  • I accept that the school monitors my school email account and my messages.


Parents and the online platform

  • Initially, this different way of school working may take some adjustment for your child. Any support you can offer so they establish a good routine to support learning will be beneficial. This might include helping them set alarms for being ready for the formal start of each new session, encouraging time between lessons to move around and get away from the computer, and ensuring they have access to food and water at the traditional breaktime slots.
  • It will be useful for them to find a space where they can participate without distraction. If they have room for their computer, pencil cases, and paper or workbooks, they should be able to access everything required. Mobile phones or additional digital devices will be a risky distraction for their learning.
  • Please discuss the expectations for digital learning (previous page) with your child, so they understand how they can play their part to enhance the learning experience.
  • After a few days, ask your child to show you around the learning platform so you can see the communications from school and your child’s teachers. Doing this will reassure you that your child knows where to find everything and will allow you to see what is being sent through and set.
  • Encourage your child to participate in physical activity or exercise whenever possible. There will be time in the weekly timetable set aside for this purpose with guidance from the sports staff as to what to do. However, it is worth your child using the breaktime or lunchtime slots to get active and moving in the garden (weather permitting) as a way of refreshing themselves each day.
  • Speak to your child about their lessons and how they feel it is working.
  • If you have any questions, please email the class or subject teacher directly. Please do not comment on Microsoft Teams but use the established communication means such as the staff email. However, bear in mind that teachers will probably be balancing an increased level of digital demand from the pupils as they adjust to the work requirements, so if you can encourage your child to “speak up” if they are unsure, it will take the pressure off you and necessitate fewer emails for teachers to respond to.


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