Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is the glue that binds every element of our Nursery. Our joyful atmosphere conceals a meticulous approach to ensuring the wellbeing of every child in our care.

Our Nursery practitioners have a group of a maximum of eight children each and they become the key worker for those children. This creates a close-knit community within the setting, allowing the team to get to know their charges well and therefore quickly able to identify and respond quickly to their needs. It also means parents build a good relationship with their child’s key worker, through regular contact at morning drop-off and afternoon collection as well as at more formal occasions of parents’ evenings and prize giving.

These are very much a child’s formative years when attitudes, trust in authority and confidence in leadership are shaped. We teach our Nursery children how to become an essential part of the community whilst not losing their individuality; how to blend communal spirit with personal best. Of equal importance is what they learn from each other and by reflecting upon their own conduct. Friends are an essential part of a life at Hydesville and we encourage children to start and cultivate friendships; our friendship bench teaches children to take responsibility for their own feelings and to consider the feelings of others.

A set of golden rules becomes second nature to our children and we reward those who consistently strive to follow our child-friendly guidance. When a child has achieved 10 reward stickers they are invited to choose a small piece of treasure to take home.  This encourages our very youngest pupils to value effort, manners and kindness. It gently aligns their attitudes to the values of the school; always do your best, whatever the challenge.