Nursery: Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our Nursery School.

Nursery: Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our Nursery School.

A. All children are individuals and will be ready at different ages.

We encourage children to be out of nappies before starting school, but we understand that this is not always possible. Toilet-training is not a part of our programme but we will support parents in their approaches from home. As part of our intimate care policy, children will be changed three times per day as a minimum (and also when required).

We do expect parents to provide the setting with nappies and wipes for their own child.

A.  Breakfast is served in morning wraparound at 8:15am. This consists of toast, pancakes, cereal or yoghurt.

The children receive a drink of milk or water at 10:30am during morning break time.

We have a wide range of food on offer at lunchtime (11:30am), freshly prepared by our Chef and his team. There is a daily choice of a hot main meal with a hot vegetarian alternative. A daily pudding choice is available and there is plenty of fresh fruit and yoghurts.

The menu for each week is available on the website, so parents can see in advance what food is available.

There are many members of staff on duty to help children with their choice of food and to ensure that they eat a balanced meal. We always encourage children to try new food. Our team is used to catering for all dietary needs.

The children receive a healthy afternoon snack at 2:30pm. This consists of either raisins, breadsticks, crudités or fresh fruit.

Wraparound club serves a light tea at 4:30pm consisting of sandwiches, vegetable sticks and a dessert.

A. Children join Hydesville Tower Nursery when they are age three.  Children can join us as soon as they have celebrated their third birthday and almost all progress into our Reception when they are 4+.  Children with autumn birthdays will spend almost two years with us, joining Reception just prior to their 5th birthday.  Children who turn three in July or August enjoy our nursery for just over a year.  Wherever their birthday falls, you can be confident that your child will have an exceptional start to their educational journey.

A. Parents have the opportunity each day to talk to the Key Person either in the morning or in the afternoon. We are very happy for parents to contact us to make a longer appointment if they need a more detailed conversation or if our start or end of sessions (8:45am/3:25pm) does not fit their working patterns.

Brief daily feedback will be verbal at the end of the day.

We have three formal parents’ consultations during the year – one per term – and a full written report in the summer term. There are regular newsletters and the website is always updated with information and news. We have a text messaging service and we email letters and news home.

We have Parent Engagement Events each term to bring home and Nursery together around particular themes or activities.

A. A termly invoice is sent out in advance and this is due for payment on or before the start of term. Payment is made by termly direct debit.

A. To spread the cost of the fees parents can apply to My School Fee Plan – the link is on the school website homepage. This allows monthly direct debit payments to be made, there is a small charge for this credit agreement.

A. Yes, we do. There are some fully funded places and all other places have the relevant funded hours deducted from the nursery place concerned before the charged hours are allocated. The universal 15 hours’ grant is automatically claimed on your behalf once eligible. The 30 hours requires the parent to apply on the Gov.Uk website to generate a code to enable Hydesville to make the grant claim on their behalf.

A. Yes, we do. Parents can apply through the Tax Free childcare portal on the website. Please advise the School if you are planning to use this method of payment in conjunction with the other standard methods of payment: termly direct debit or monthly instalments through My School Fee Plan.

A. Children start reading as early as N2 with our phonics and reading schemes. Please do not worry if your child is not at the same level as their friends since at this early age, all children develop at very different rates.

In N2, children start to take home picture books to describe to their parents and make up their own stories. Once the children have learned their sounds and are confident at recognising them, reading books with words are sent home with word recognition sheets.

A. Our staff will always be happy to discuss your child’s learning programme with you.  Nursery curriculum letters are sent home termly to keep you informed about the topics and your child’s work. Evidence is kept in each child’s personal portfolio and they also have books and folders that you will be able to look at during parents’ consultations.

Staff may also direct you to the Department for Education website for further information about Early Years education and how you can support this at home.

A. Nursery opens for the normal school day at 8.45am. Nursery finishes at 3.25pm when pupils are either collected by a parent/carer or attend Nursery Wraparound Club. Breakfast Club is available from 7.30am (small fee charged) or 8am – 8.45am and After School Care runs from 3.30pm to 6pm.

A. Unlike day-care settings, we do not operate sleep cycles due to us being teaching Nursery and having a full programme of activities timetabled. If a child were to show signs of fatigue, we would accommodate and make them comfortable by setting them down in a safe place to sleep.

A. All Nursery children will wear uniform. Our School uniform is stocked by Crested School Wear, Unit 1 Bradford Mall, Victorian Arcade, Walsall.  WS1 1RE.

Uniform can be purchased in store during the following hours: Mon – Sat (inclusive): 9.30 – 5 pm. Appointments can also be made on a Saturday. You can contact the store on 01922 276266.Alternatively, you can shop online at

Please follow the link for the uniform list

A. We set tasks every Friday to enable learning activities and conversations to take place at home. The outcomes of these activities are returned to school on the following Monday.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions parents are now able to upload their child’s homework to the SeeSaw app – which is an online platform for parents and children.

Termly projects are also set to enable the children to be creative at home and share their learning at school during circle time.

A. Parents must ring the school office to report absences and the reasons why.

A. If your child has been sick or experienced diarrhoea – we have a 48hr sickness policy where parents should keep their child for 48 hours after the last episode of symptoms.

A. We ask parent/carer(s) to make sure that only essential medication is taken at school; that is, where it would be detrimental to the pupil’s health not to administer the medication during the school day.

Where possible, medicines should be taken at home before, and after, attending school, and these are to be returned and collected by the parent/carer(s), not the pupils.

In some cases, for example where a very young child is on antibiotics, the parent(s)/carer(s) may be asked not to allow them to attend school for 2-3 days in case they react adversely to the medication and/or in circumstances where the school consider it is necessary to prevent the spread of infection to others. This particularly applies if the child has not had the antibiotics before.

Where a pupil has long-term or complex health needs, the First Aid Coordinator will liaise with the parents to produce an Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP) for that pupil. The IHCP is a confidential document which outlines the procedures staff follow in the event of an emergency.

If a parent or carer wants us to give their child prescribed medicine, we always obtain written permission and clear instructions showing the dose, expected time for administration and how often it is given. The dose given must always be consistent with the written instructions from the doctor/medical professional. Any inconsistency with the original packaging will be verified by the parents in writing in advance.

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