Murder at Hydesville

Staff from our Prep and Senior Schools donned 80s style big hair and cringe-worthy costumes for this year’s murder mystery night.

‘Who killed the Holiday Rep?’ saw some dodgy accents, and even dodier costumes during an evening of sleuth and fun.  A big well done to all staff who put on a night to remember – who can forget Juan Adonis’s wilting moustache and Senor Jiminez’s questionable Caribbean accent?

Poor murdered hotel rep Alice Drabble (Ms Eynon) saw her evening cut short, but the rest of the cast carried on.  We had brash Americans Candy Tinkler (Miss Waite) and her son Rocky (Miss Michaelides); ‘talented’ Bilston entertainer Babylon Mist (Miss Nijjar); dodgy geezer Eric Braithwaite (Mr Faulkner-Jones); shifty tourist Rag Rossiter (Mr Carford-Hamlin); busy bodies Senor Jimenez (Miss Fairbrother) and Senorita Gonzalez (Miss Jenkins); and the ace sleuths played by Miss Humpage and Miss Brach.

The evening proved a sell-out, with guests enjoying sangria, cava and a tasty buffet, before they put their super sleuthing skills to the test.  A huge well done to Rayyan Abedin in Year 8 and his guests for solving the crime and working out ‘who dunnit’.

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