Metacognition morning for Seniors

Senior pupils took part in a morning of ‘metacognition’ yesterday to encourage them to become more effective learners.

Metacognition involves the development of understanding in the learner of their own way of thinking through problems, and appreciating better how to regulate their learning.

Mr Honey explains: “We have been focusing this year on developing metacognitive strategies in the pupils.  Improving their understanding of how they learn most effectively is key to their success. We will be continuing this work in the years ahead, so the principles become ingrained in the children”.

“The morning went really well, it was enjoyable as well as beneficial for the children, and it has given us a source of possible strategies for the future with metacognition.  We look forward to seeing the longer term benefits in the children as a result of the activity.

During the morning, children worked in form group teams, and were set the task of spaghetti version of a real, identified bridge. With guidance from form tutors, pupils had to work together to research, plan and monitor the progress of the task towards completion.  They also evaluated their strategies and reflected on what they had learnt.

At the end, each bridge was tested to see the heaviest mass it can successfully hold.

Congratulations to Form 7 whose bridge was chosen as the winner!

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