Introducing the #HydesvilleFamily eco-warriors

Our commitment to being an ‘Eco School’ continues, with the establishment of Prep School’s very first Eco Committee.

The Eco Committee was set up so that pupils could be involved and have a say in environmental issues. The initiative was inspired by Shaan in Year 4 who wrote to David Attenborough and urged all of us to act to create a healthy environment.

Pupils in the committee will follow Shaan’s example to plan and implement activities in which the #Hydesvillefamily can engage in to promote our ambition of becoming an ‘Eco School’.

The following pupils have been appointment committee members:

Year 1 – Jared and Dhiyan

Year 2 – Amar and Haris

Year 3 – Simran K, Avaani, Yusuf

Year 4 – Shaan, Tamia, Amrit, Laila, Omveer

Year 5 – Maaya, Ibrahim

Year 6 – Annaiya, Narian

The Eco Committee held its first meeting today and all members made valuable contributions and are brimming with enthusiasm. Their first action is to conduct an environmental review of the school so we are looking forward to hearing more about this and their future plans. Watch this space!

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