Felt making fun in Senior School

Creative pupils in Year 8 spent the day making a collection of felt vessels, with a bit of help from local artist Lisa Olson.

The class learnt about the intricate process of felt making, and were able to have a go themselves, making lovely array of vases and other containers.

The workshop was run by textile artist Lisa Olson who manages the firm Tigerlily Makes.

It was Lisa’s second trip to Hydesville; as she also recently spent the day with Year 7 who were also taught how to work with felt.

Mrs Shaw, Art Teacher, said: “It’s good for pupils to learn how to work with different fabrics and both classes really enjoyed making felt.  It’s such an intricate process; they had to begin with raw merino wool which they then layered to build a background. They then wet and rolled the wool to make felt and finally add detail using the technique of needle felting.

“They have certainly built up their biceps with all that rolling!”

For more information on Lisa Olson see http://www.tigerlilymakes.co.uk/

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