Celebrating stratospheric academic results

We are delighted to announce this has been an incredible year of academic success for Hydesville Tower School. Our Prep School has just secured GL Assessment scores that place them in the stratosphere!

These assessments are undertaken every year across the country, with benchmarks of above 112 as representing high achievement. Therefore, success obtained is a measure of the outstanding teaching occurring within the school. Each class has improved on its score from last year, often by significant amounts.

We are celebrating in Early Years too, with this year’s test results in the EYFS profile demonstrating how our pupils are far exceeding the national average; 90.5% of our children have reached a ‘good’ level of development at the end of our EYFS.  The national average was 70.6% in 2017.

Hydesville has three key features in its favour: dedicated, expert teachers with a passion for helping pupils progress; small class sizes to enable maximum attention for each pupil; and an understanding of each individual, so they secure the support needed to overcome any hurdles.

We are incredibly proud of these amazing pupils and their teachers. Well done everyone!

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