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Our 2023 Parent Testimonials

Mrs Athwall, son in Hydesville Nursery

My son started Hydesville just before his 3rd birthday and he’s come on leaps and bounds. He loves school!

Mrs Mavji, children in Year 3, Year 7 and Year 9

Hydesville is a great school for small class sizes, therefore teachers know the individual strengths and weaknesses of each child and how to support their learning.

Mrs Lungley, daughter in Hydesville Nursery

My child is taken care of, my opinion and input matters to them, and I think school provides a good bridge between home and school. The updates provided via the app on what’s been done that day makes me feel involved and gives me an idea of how school life is for my daughter.

Dr Khan, children in Year 3 and Year 4

Hydesville integrates individual academic attainment with a caring nurturing environment. They have good academic outcomes and very friendly, approachable staff.

Mrs Dhanda, son in Year 1

My son has attended Hydesville since nursery. From being a shy and quite anxious little boy, he progressed extremely well in his confidence and learning journey. All of which has been a credit to the nursery staff, reception teacher and his current year 1 teachers. For this, I would highly recommend Hydesville Tower School.

Mrs Sian, daughter in Year 10

The after-school activities are helpful, especially the maths clinics as it has really helped my daughter. Also, the sports activities like Netball are a good idea as they keep the kids active.

Mrs McCarthy, son in Year 10

My son has recently joined the school and have found the SENCO and his LSA to be amazing. They have reassured not only my son but myself in the whole transition process. My son has become a totally different child in this new environment, making me aware that it is the right one for him.

Ms Stone, son in Year 7

The year 6 Hydesville Challenge was brilliant. It really enhanced my son’s learning and knowledge for the future. The enterprise venture was particularly good.

Mrs Purba, children in Hydesville Nursery and Reception

Mrs Smith in Nursery is amazing. My son is so happy and excited to meet her at nursery. She seems to know every child inside out, not sure how she does it! Mrs Dowen and colleagues in Reception have been amazing with my daughter and she continues to grow. The reason we chose Hydesville was for our children to receive quality time and attention, not just a number. Our expectations have been met well.

Mrs McCarthy, daughter in Hydesville Nursery

I am very pleased with the progress my child has made in the short time she has attended the nursery. She really enjoys attending the nursery and has a great relationship with the amazing staff.

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