A Royal Day in Hydesville Nursery

Hydesville Nursery children became princes and princesses yesterday to celebrate British Values Day.

Pretty dresses, costumes, crowns and tiaras were worn and children spent the day learning about the importance of British Values.

They took part in lots of activities to promote kindness, celebrating each other as being unique and generally treating others with respect as individuals. The day ended with the children performing a special dance show for parents.

Head of Hydesville Nursery, Mrs Smith, explains: “At Hydesville Nursery we support fundamental British Values to enhance our children’s personal, social and emotional development. We promote values and equality and teach children the importance of British Values through the Golden Rules by encouraging children to be kind, helpful and respectful of others.

“It is our duty to teach our children that it is possible to live together peacefully as valuable part of our multicultural world.”

The busy day ended with a special afternoon tea and children went home with big smiles on their faces!

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